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LE BLANC Jean-Luc, Noel, Edouard

Born 13/12/1970 in Vienna (AUSTRIA)
Nationalities : Mauritian
Bachelor-Civil Service completed


1, avenue des Sablonnières
01210 Ferney-Voltaire
Tel: (033)+4 50 40 15 66

e-mail: jllb@libertysurf.fr


Having gained some experience in climate-fisheries relationships, I am very interested in inter-disciplinary projects involving specialists from different sectors such as sicentists, politics, economics, lawyers etc., in order to find common interests. It is my belief that progress achieved in the knowledge of climate enables the integration of scientific information in socio-economic activities. I am therefore willing to participate in the development of services which could be usefully applied in sustainable development programmes.

1996 PhD :"The role of the Indian Ocean in the Global Climate System" - Southampton Oceanographic Center (SOC) UK - (in course part-time).
1993-1994 D.E.A (fifth year of University) "OCEANS", Options: Physics and Dynamics of the Ocean-University of Brest/U.B.O (Brittany-France).
1991-1992 Maitrise of Fundamental Physics-Denis Diderot University, PARIS7 Options: Meteorology, Biophysics, Organic Chemistry; (with Honours )
1987-1988 General Certificate of Education (Baccalaureat D: Maths, Physics and Biology); International School of Ferney-Voltaire (France).
1986 Ordinary Level - University of Cambridge (UK) - (Maths:A; French:A; German:B).

Professional Experiences
  • Volunteer Work for a N.G.O (Non Governmental Organisation) on behalf of the orphanage "Casa de Copii" in Abrud-Rumania; November 1994 - February 1995.
  • Volunteer Work for the Bhagavatula Charitable Trust , an N.G.O dedicated to rural development in Andhra Pradesh (India); November 1992 - May 1993; (Illiterate Children Insertion Program.)
Languages: French, English and German written and spoken.
Skills in computing : Fortran, Matlab, MS Office, Surfer, Statgraphics, (UNIX-Linux / DOS/MacIntosh).

Reports and Articles:
  • Le Blanc J-L, 1994:"Heat and Fresh water Fluxes over the tropical Pacific Ocean using an indirect method" (D.E.A. Honours Thesis in French)
  • Marsac F. and J-L Le Blanc, 1997: "Response of Indian Ocean Yellowfin tuna fisheries to the coupled ocean-atmosphere system. Inter-annual variability associated with ENSO." ICCAT Symposium-Acores-June 1996.
  • Le Blanc J-L, 1997: "Climate Information and Prediction Services for Fisheries". WMO/TD-No.788; WCASP-39 .
  • R. Payet, Le Blanc J-L, F. Marsac, 1997: "Climate Change and Fisheries inthe Seychelles: A contribution to enable the Seychelles National Climate Comittee to prepare their first national communication to the UNFCCC."
  • Le Blanc J-L, 1997 : Freshwater Management and Natural Disaster. Strategic approaches to reduce the impacts of natural disasters on freshwater resources and its supply. International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR) / World Meteorological Organization (WMO), contribution to the sixth session of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) April 1998. Input for the Report of the Secretary General on Strategic Approaches to Freshwater Management.
  • Le Blanc J-L and Francis Marsac, 1999: Climate Information and Prediction Services for Fisheries: the case of tuna fisheries, CLIMAR99-WMO Workshop on Advances in Marine Climatology, Vancouver (CA) September 1999.    (abstarct)

*All papers are available on request.